Samhain back

October 30 - November 6, 2020



Join us as we celebrate Samhain, the seventh passage in Earth’s calendar honored as the passage into the dark, the unknown, the coming winter.


Sahmain marks the midpoint between the Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice when the plants in this region begin their journey into the cold and dark, releasing their seeds into the dormancy so essential for their transformation into another season’s renewed life. Surrendering into the unknown of their future, seeds and roots submit to the call of life demanding their passage through death.  Without this passage they cannot commit themselves to their ever-evolving purpose in the great mystery of things...


This is also a sacred time when the “veil between the living and the dead is said to be at its thinnest.” It is a time to honor all living creatures that have passed through these cycles of change over and over again through the portals of the seasons.  So, too, with all our human community, each person who has ever lived has made this great passage from the finite to the infinite. Each of us throughout our lives repeats this cycle in our yearly seasonal circling of Sun.  And in each daily turning of night into day we can renew our dreams and evolve the creative possibilities of our individual lives.


In a world of basic human fairness, mutual respect and kindness, this would be the natural way of things.  In a world of gratitude and reciprocity with all the communities of life on a living planet in a sacred universe this would be the natural way of things.


Dying to the belief that humanity can justify the unbearable cruelty of our times is the greatest change any generation has faced.


Change is the constant demand we are asked to embrace. Change requires an undying desire to understand the mystery of existence. Change asks each of us to peel away the illusions of our own egoism. It requires dying to our own ignorance and fear of the unknown.  Change is a call from an institutionalized state of addiction into the courage to recover.


We ask for healing guidance from all beings as we face the dark nights of winter and the darkness of our perilous times in history. That is why we gather to enter Sahmain.


We will open the portal of Samhain on October 30 at 2PM and close the portal on November 6 at 2PM. Between the opening and closing rituals Genesis Farm will be available to anyone wishing to mark this passage on their own. Please come during daylight hours and dress accordingly.


If you wish to attend either the opening or closing ritual please RSVP by calling (908) 362-6735.