Exploring the sacred unity of life, humanity and Earth within a single, unfolding Universe.

Genesis Farm Memorial Planting Ceremonies

So many of you continue to request information about our Memorial Planting Ceremonies. They have changed a number of times since our earliest ones in the late 1980’s. With many impacts of the climate crises as well as the recurring pandemics, we have made a number of adjustments and changes to our earlier ceremonies. At the same time, Genesis Farm itself has undergone changes in these recent challenging years -as have so many of you.

We want to reassure you that we are honored to celebrate the lives of people whose names you send to us and consider it a great privilege to do so. Their spirit and memory is a blessing to this land.

For 2023-2024 we have scheduled these ceremonies for 2PM on the following days:

  • the Saturday after the first day of Spring in March
  • the Saturday after August 6
  • the Saturday after November 2
We are grateful that we can again invite you to come to participate if you would like. But we suggest you check our postings here as changes may occur. We welcome your return.

As many of you know, Genesis Farm has been immersed in a process of trying to reinvent ourselves and the forms in which we can better share our mission. Since 2012, when we suspended the earlier forms of our work as a program center, we have been attempting to explore the depths of what Earth is asking of us.

The most revealing guidance for this exploration have been these words of Thomas Berry, cultural historian and author:

The great historic mission of our time is to reinvent the human, at the species level, with critical reflection, within the community of life systems, in a time developmental context, by means of story and shared dream experience.

We continue to restore our capacity to reinvent ourselves and the forms in which this remains possible. Your faithful support and encouragement is deeply appreciated.

This website has been simplified because so many unpredictable changes are happening throughout the Earth. Those changes impact us here as well. We have a keen awareness that they impact most people.

If you have questions please contact us. Presently the best way to do so is by email at office@genesisfarm.org ( click on Contact Us), or threeriversmm@gmail.com.