Winter Solstice back

December 21, 2020

This is the eighth passage of Earth’s calendar, as we experience it from the northern latitudes in which we live. It is a time of total immersion into the dark, hidden spaces of the inner world awaiting the return of light.

For earlier peoples the fear that Sun would retreat with its gifts of light and warmth was real. The absolute dependency on Sun’s return was essential for the conditions of human survival and the capacity to hope. Hope is hard-won. It was evoked by the depth of difficulties that humans have encountered in the long history of the evolving of our minds, imaginations and emotional capacities

We wish to honor the sacred mystery of this journey. It may be seen as a commitment to new depths of faith, hope and caring in these uncertain and profoundly significant times.

  This “return of light” takes place over more than one day. Historically it is a sacred time in many human traditions. It is sometimes called the “holy nights”.

 Come during daylight hours and dress for being outdoors.